A unique position on the market

Mongozo is continuing to work on good worldwide distribution for its products. Our innovative, sustainable and distinctive concept is currently available in more than 40 countries. If you have any questions about our beers or about their availability, please contact us.


Introduction of Mongozo Buckwheat White

In 2014, following years of development, Mongozo introduced a new, innovative world first. Mongozo Buckwheat White is the only organicgluten-free and Fairtrade white beer on the market.


An award-winning lager combining three unique elements

As an addition to the range of exotic beers it had on offer, Mongozo introduced a world first in 2010: Mongozo Premium Pilsner. This lager combines three unique elements: organicgluten-free and Fairtrade all in one bottle.


Introduction Mongozo Mango

The mangos that give Mongozo Mango its exotic flavour come from South America. It was important to Jan Fleurkens that this beer, too, would be Fairtrade-certified.


Introduction Mongozo Coconut

Henrique Kabia was killed in a tragic accident in June 2003. Mongozo continued along its path, as that is what Henrique would have wanted. Jan Fleurkens then developed his own recipes and, in the spring of 2005, launched Mongozo Coconut. This was when the exotic concept of drinking Mongozo out of a coconut shell was born. Mongozo Coconut is also a Fairtrade-certified beer.


Introduction Mongozo Banana

Mongozo Banana saw the light of day. This was the first beer to carry the Fairtrade label worldwide and was brewed to a traditional recipe originating from the Masai people, who live in Kenya and Tanzania.


Introduction Mongozo Palmnut

That same recipe was Henrique's only possession when, in 1993, he arrived in the Netherlands as a refugee. He laid the foundations for a range of new, exotic beers to be drunk from a calabash, just as they are in Africa. In 1998, Henrique Kabia and Jan Fleurkens decided to join forces and market palm nut beer.

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