Spring is in the air!

Newsletter – spring 2019
Sustainable production and our future environment are currently the hottest of topics all over the world. For many years, Mongozo has been making its own contribution by ensuring that both its ingredients and production processes are sustainable. So, our beers have Max Havelaar and Fairtrade certification, and they are also certified organic and gluten-free. Over recent months, we have received increasing numbers of enquiries about whether our beers are VEGAN. The answer to that is a resounding YES – all of our beers are VEGAN.

We are currently working hard on increasing the availability of our Mongozo beers. Also receiving our attention is the use of our exotic beers in cocktails, resulting in some really amazing taste sensations. Our beers are ideal for pairing with food and over the coming months, we will be letting you in on lots of tips. For example, did you know that Mongozo Buckwheat White once won the title of best beer with asparagus? The two make a great pairing. Why not try them together and make the most of the spring?

Jan Fleurkens, Founder of Mongozo

Puur! Catering Event inspires
Working with Puur! uit eten (a guide to organic and sustainable eating) and De Leckere brewery, Mongozo recently organised an event for the hospitality sector with a focus on sustainable products. On Monday, 11 March 2019, representatives from more than 100 catering establishments attended this very successful day to learn more about the production and flavour of organic products and to find inspiration. Attendees were interested to find out what actually makes products organic, and to hear about availability. They also learned how to motivate their guests to opt for organic products. Naturally, the latest trends were particularly highlighted. The day created quite a stir and provided plenty of inspiration for future events! We have noticed that increasing numbers of catering establishments are keen to offer more than just organic coffee or organic meat. Sustainable eating as an overall concept is now certainly gaining traction. We work with several different parties in order to respond to the demand, with the Puur! Catering Event being just one good example

Mongozo paid a lot of attention to increasing the availability of our beers in 2018 and continues to do so in 2019. To stay up to date with the latest details, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Mongozo Mango is now available at all larger branches of the Jumbo supermarket chain. And our Pilsner and Buckwheat White are now widely available from many Ekoplaza stores and other organic shops, both in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Pilsner and Buckwheat White will also soon be on the shelves at the largest Delhaize stores in Belgium. In the Netherlands, Mitra, a chain of specialised drink retailers, is ensuring that more people are able to buy our beers locally. Customers will easily be able to find our Pilsner, Buckwheat White and exotic Mongozo Mango before the summer. Sales of our beers abroad have also been gaining momentum. The first container of Mongozo beers was recently dispatched to the United States and exports to China have increased. We also recently visited China, where sales of sustainably produced beers and organic products in general are increasing tremendously at the moment. We are expecting many more new developments in the Asian market this year.

Asparagus paired with Mongozo beer
It’s asparagus season once again! Many people think that this peerless vegetable is best paired with wine only. But that would mean missing out on a stunning taste sensation! Due to the mildness of its aftertaste and the refreshing notes of buckwheat, our Mongozo Buckwheat White is ideal for supporting the flavour of asparagus. This particular beer&food combination intensifies the flavour of both the beer and the asparagus. It should therefore come as no surprise to know that Mongozo Buckwheat White has previously been voted the best beer to serve with asparagus. Why not explore this taste sensation yourself and try one of the asparagus and beer pairings we recommend? Keep your eyes peeled for our perfect beer& food tips. We publish a new one on our social media channels and website every week.


Mongozo Midsummer Night Party – 21 June 2019
With the days growing longer, Mongozo is once again organising a special Mongozo Midsummer Night Party on 21 June. On this day, dozens of catering establishments in the Netherlands and Belgium will be organising exotic activities and, naturally, guests will enjoy drinking an exotic Mongozo out of a coconut shell. In celebration of the longest day of the year, guests will be able to keep the coconut shell too (as long as stocks last). Keep an eye on our website and social media channels over the coming weeks to find out where to go for an exotic Mongozo beer experience near you.


  • that Mongozo once again successfully exhibited at the BioFach organic trade fair in Nuremberg (Germany) this year? The interest from wholesalers keen on the combination of organic and gluten-free is clearly growing. There are still very few beers that combine these two aspects in one bottle, which meant that our beers drew plenty of attention, particularly from buyers from Germany, Denmark and France.
  • that Mongozo can be used to make fantastic cocktails? Several recipes for quick-and-easy cocktails you can make yourself can be found on our website. Treat yourself to the Mongozo Cocktail Experience and try them all! that Mongozo will be out and about at various beer festivals and other festivals in the spring and summer? We have already been in Hamburg and will soon be off to Vienna. Antwerp and Brussels are, of course, also on the list. To stay up to date with the latest details, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.
  • that each new adult member of the Dutch coeliac association receives a pack of gluten-free products? Needless to say, the pack contains a bottle of Mongozo!
  • that it will soon be Fairtrade Week again in the Netherlands? Naturally, this is something that Mongozo is keen to pay attention to, as Mongozo beers have been Fairtrade-certified for many years now.
  • that World Fair Trade Day takes place on 11 May this year?
  • that the Mongozo Midsummer Night Party will be held on Friday, 21 June? A great day on which to welcome the summer, by drinking beer out of a coconut shell!
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