18 april 2017Mongozo beer&food pairings

Mongozo has put together a number of fantastic beer&food pairings for you, specially for the spring! Recipes for the dishes mentioned can be found on recipe websites in many different languages. In 2015, Mongozo Buckwheat White was voted that year's best beer to serve with asparagus. And catering establishments are focusing more on offering beer with food. Why not try some of the pairings suggested below? Trout mousse with Mongozo Buckwheat White: The fresh-tart flavour of the trout is enhanced by the buckwheat in the white beer, creating a truly lively flavour explosion and prolonging the aftertaste of the beer and mousse. Asparagus with cream sauce and Mongozo Buckwheat White: The mild, rounded flavour of the Buckwheat White really makes the most of the mild, rounded flavour of the asparagus and cream sauce. Spicy chicken wings with Mongozo Premium Pilsner: The hop-like bitterness of the Pilsner cuts through the greasiness of the chicken wings, making way for the hop flavour. The aftertaste of the spices creates a pleasantly refreshing experience when the Pilsner is drunk.

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